Friday, July 28, 2017

#MatchMaking: Talib edition

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!

Welcome to another edition of chimp matching 🐵

One of the goals at Chimp&See is to take videos that have been found containing chimpanzees and identify individual animals.  To do this, we compare videos and attempt to “match” animals that have identical physical features.  Anyone is allowed to propose a match, but multiple people must be in agreement before a potential match is confirmed by a site scientist.

This week’s featured potential match is from Restless Star.  Here we have an identified chimp named Talib:

And then we have two other individuals.  These two appear to be a match to each other (hence the temporary IDs of RSMale09 and RSMale09b), although it has not been confirmed:
Side-by-side courtesy of @NuriaM

Compare the above images. Consider things like overall body size and shape, head shape and facial features, as well as balding patterns, scars and deformities (if any exist).  So, what do you think? Is GSMale09 a match to Talib?  What about GSMale09b? Is it the same individual in each image?  Why do you think so?  What characteristics make you think they do or do not match?

Bring your comments over to the discussion at Chimp&See Talk.  There are more images and videos available on Talk for those wanting a better look.  You can also comment below.  The more feedback received, the more confident we can be in our determination, match or no match, so come tell us what you think!

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