Sunday, December 10, 2017

Best of 2017: Nominate your favorite video clips!

Hi everybody!

We’ve had a really wonderful year at Chimp&See, thanks to all of you, your massive help with classifications and chimp matching, and your interest in our project!

As in 2015 and 2016, we want to wrap up this year again with a “Best of” event asking you to show us your favorite videos from this year and then let the community vote for the Top 2 in each category.

We would love to see your favorite clips in the following categories:
  • Favorite chimp!
  • Funniest clip!
  • Best camera reaction!
  • Creepiest clip!
  • Biggest surprise!

Here is how it’s working:

1) Head over to Chimp&See and nominate 1 clip per category. It's okay to pick the same clip for more than one category, or the same clip as someone else.

2) We only want to include clips from sites that we’ve worked on predominantly this year. So all nominations should come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake only.

To nominate your favorites, post a reply in the new thread at Talk that includes the category and video ID for each nomination. This thread stays open for nominations until December 22, so take your time to find and post the best clips, cutest chimp, and most surprising discovery. We will then collect all nominations, and you can vote on the Best of 2017!

Please just remember, the clips have to come from Aged Violet and Green Snowflake.

We look forward to seeing what you loved most on Chimp&See in 2017!