Friday, August 4, 2017

#MatchMaking: Do Juno Who This Chimp Is?

Greetings!  It's time for another matchmaking challenge, and this time, we go back to our very first site -- Quiet Wood 1!  Let's see if you can help us match these chimps from way back in our early days:

First, we have a known adult female chimp, named Juno, along with her infant, Jay.  Juno is a larger female, with sparse hair, lots of gray (especially on the back), and a square balding head.  Jay is a medium-sized infant, still with the infant's white tuft of hair on the rear end, a face that is a bit orange in color, and very prominent round ears.

You can see more of Juno and Jay in this collection of video clips.

We also have another mother/infant pair at Quiet Wood who some people think might really be Juno and Jay.  Here's where we could use a few more opinions.  Take a look at the image below:

You can also view the full video clip here.

As you can see, this female has a similar build, similar coloration, and the infant also looks similar.  But are they really the same?  Look closely.  What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts below, or you can help us sort out this and other matches on the discussion board at Chimp & See.  Until next time -- happy matchmaking!

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