Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Birds of a feather

If you’ve been browsing the discussion boards on Chimp&See Talk, you may have noticed there is a new species guide: Identifying Birds.  The guide is meant to serve as a starting point for those wanting to improve their ID skills for the birds we see at C&S.  I know I certainly got more acquainted with the birds we have seen while writing the guide and I feel more confident identifying species now. I hope the guide helps others to do the same!

Screenshot of a portion of the bird guide

The guide can be found in The Objects section of the Help board or simply click on the link above.
The guide groups species by broad, shared characteristics that should be discernible even to those inexperienced with bird ID (poultry-like birds, predatory birds, etc.).  There is also a list of species we most often encounter at the top of the guide, so check those descriptions first if you are uncertain where to begin.  Each species has a short physical description as well as images and links to videos from C&S to aid in identification.

Thank you to all the moderators who provided help and feedback for the guide and to everyone for their continuing efforts with the C&S project!

Fly high and happy tagging!

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