Thursday, July 6, 2017

#MatchMaking: An adult female with an infant

This new posting in our chimpmatching series introduces a currently discussed match proposal at Chimp&See and invites you to review and get involved.

First up are two slightly overexposed videos of an adult female with an infant. We think, she might be Sita and her offspring Nini from the Cool Silence site. The colored footage is from the "known" chimp Sita.

Like Sita, this female is very bald, has a barrel-like upper body and skinny legs. The eye brows are arched, but not prominently protruded. The nostrils have a hawkish appearance that is reversed by a very rounded muzzle. Her rectangular face is irregularly colored with pinkish pigments around the eyes and at the upper part of the muzzle. These coloration differences can also be seen in the black-and-white footage.

proposed match sequence 1 here and here

proposed match sequence 2 here and here

all known videos from Sita can be found here

Most notable are the irregular formed ears. They both stick out quite a bit. The left one is probably just a bit strangely grown; the right ear is seriously deformed (maybe even cut).

The roundish swelling is not much protruded.

What do you think? Could this be the same female?

Please keep in mind that these are camera trap videos from an unknown (unhabituated) chimpanzee population, so we don’t have the ultimate answer whether this is a match or not either! 

If this posting got you interested in our matching discussions, please come over to the discussion forum and get involved.  

We are very much interested in your opinion!

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