Sunday, April 23, 2017

***Updated!*** Meet our chimps: The One Where Lesley’s Infant Gets a Name

The “Meet our chimps” mini-series closes with adult female Lesley and her infant daughter – whom we also want to name with you!

Adult female Lesley is none of our most memorable and special chimps. She has a friendly face with a slightly reddish pigmentation, cute pointy ears, some balding, and a strong body. Although that’s not something very special for females with dependent offsprings, she seems to be a bit less gregarious (i.e., social) than other members of her group. She is more often seen alone with her infant or in smaller groups with just another adult, not in the big traveling or feeding parties.

Her already big infant daughter makes the most of this situation, plays and investigates on her own whenever she gets the chance – and provided that mom is still close. This little girl is one of the few infants overall at Chimp&See that has been matched on her own due to a defining trait: the small scar or dent at her right eyebrow. Usually, we can only match the infants because we can identify their mothers. She is special in that regard and that’s why we wanted to present her here and use the opportunity to let use choose a name for this little girl!

To go with her mother’s name and our brief thoughts about sociality in this posting, we decided to go with another pop-culture theme, the great 90ies TV show “Friends”. So, growing up, do you think she will be perfectionist and bossy like Monica, eccentric like Phoebe, or always emotionally outpouring like Rachel? Please vote here

***Update (April 26, 2017) ***
Welcome Phoebe! Thank you so much for helping us again to settle for a name for another sweet little infant. Lesley’s daughter will now get her final “ID” with this wonderful name. A clear majority for Phoebe emerged already in early votings and could sustain its ranking against a rising share for Rachel in the very last hours of this poll. Just like her namesake from Friends, we hope she will be a great and tolerant friend, a bit eccentric, and get the “forest smartness” to survive in her changing environment.

If you wonder, why we name our chimps, instead of just keeping coded IDs (like Phoebe’s temporary ID: RSInf03), please read this wonderful blogpost by our mod Kristeena Sigler. And if you want to get the chance to name a chimp yourself, visit our discussion boards at Chimp&See and give chimp matching a go.

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