Saturday, April 22, 2017

Meet our chimps: Nuka-Taka

Today we have a TON to celebrate: 

* The 2 year anniversary of Chimp&See 🐵🎉
* Earth Day 🌍 and
* the March for Science ⛓

Thank you so much for all your volunteer time on for the past 2 years! Our incredible success is ALL thanks to YOU!

Today's Meet our Chimps focuses on chimpanzee Nuka-Taka:

We try to avoid this expression, but let’s face it: this chimp has an egg-head. We recognized this young male immediately because of his coned-shaped head, the orderly laid hair, and small ears, which together form a very distinct head and face. He seems to be younger than the other adult males, but is a full adult with a muscular upper body. For some time, we thought that we might have a second male with similar traits, but the small ear damage that “both” share made it clear that we have only one new chimp here: Nuka-Taka (both names – combined in the final match – by hoothoot). For the initial matching mistake we have to blame the sunlight. Face color and size/form of the nostrils vary greatly depending on the light situation, which makes it harder to compare finer details in chimp faces.

Nuka-Taka is seen in big parties with females and kids, but also in only male parties. Although confidently walking with the big males, he gets nervous when something happens. His “insecure” face expression looks sometimes a bit comical and increased our love for him considerably. But – as you can see in the video below – Nuka-Taka is also a guy who gives a hug, when it is needed.

Classifications at Restless Star are already finished, but we still have open matching discussions and want to identify and name more chimps.

If you want to get involved and see African wildlife from camera traps yourself, please come over to Chimp&See!

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