Thursday, April 20, 2017

***Updated!*** Meet our chimps: Pandora and [we need a name!]

Next up on our “Meet our chimps” series is a very special pair: adult female Pandora and her infant boy – whom we want to name here with you!

Pandora has a dark face and overall dark hair. She has a triangular bald spot above the rounded eyebrows and a slightly gray beard. Her infant is always carried on her back. His pronounced key hole-formed face and the big nostrils make him super adorable. Pandora and her littlun are always curious and very interested in the camera. They are the chimps who most often not only recognize and react to the camera, but getting very close to investigate thoroughly.

Pandora has been named by our volunteer hoothoot who said: “I would like to name her Pandora as she seems very curious. :) My biggest hope for her is that she won't repeat the mistake of her namesake and thus will stay away from tempting boxes or other things which could harm her and her family.” At least for our field season, we can exclude that any harm happened to them and for sure nothing came “out” of our camera traps!

As classification at the site has finished, we are starting to name the infants of clearly identified females. Pandora’s infant is first and we decided to go with a magical “Harry Potter” theme and want to let you decide: Should the infant's name be: Harry, Ron, or Draco? Please vote here until Saturday (April 22nd)!

*** Update (April 23, 2017) ***

Thanks for voting in the infant naming poll and welcome Draco! We got 44 votes and closed now the poll. Almost half of your votes went to Draco, leaving Ron and especially Harry far away from any interference here. This huge majority vote was somehow unexpected, but you’re right: Draco is the perfect name for this curious and decisive little chimp.  

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