Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2.5 million classifications!!!

Pant hoots and Thank yous to everyone involved with Chimp&See to date - we have made it to 2.5 million classifications!!! 

(thanks to mod Jane for the screen grab at just the right moment!)

The science team was at 2 conferences in Chicago last week Chimps in Context and the Joint meeting of the International Primatological Society / American Society of Primatologists 2016 where we auctioned off a Chimp&See Tshirt for charity, gave away stickers and swag and of course presented our first results! A big welcome to all the new people we met and that have joined our C&S family!

We tweeted and facebooked some of the latest research from our science team while in Chicago, so check out those pages for some highlights too :) #IPSASP16 #ChimpSymp!

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