Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Chimp&See update, March 2021: What's done and what's here!

 Hi everyone

We have started 2021 with a BANG!

In the last months look at all we have accomplished:

  • Finished chimp matching at XenonBloom (bye bye algae fishing chimps...for now ;) )
  • Finished chimp matching at SoaringLeaf  and our first chimp matching site truly run by a mod and it was a HUGE success - thank you wonderful Heidi/Boleyn!!!
  • Opened the new Cameroon-Nigeria chimpanzee site GlowingCloud
  • Started GORILLA matching at Green Toadstool - with an all new focus on silverbacks and groups thanks to the great ideas of, and lead by, our mod Anja/AnLand!
  • We did some housekeeping at New Dragonfly an identified all the unique chimps there - a big thank you to the scimods Paula/PauDG and Nuria/NuriaM for this big effort!
  • There has also been a huge effort at site clean up by our amazing team lead by Karen/Kikilee3 and Lucia/luca-chimp who are taking care of the videos with the need_id tags and wrong tags! Thank you ladies :)
  • We have a whole new set of "how to" videos curated by Carol/Eweforia HERE  
  • We also have LOTS of new chimp matching tools including all the wonderful mug shots (including butt mug shots) curated by burdock/Libby and Carol/Eweforia
and what's happening now?
  • We just launched CHIMP matching at GreenToadstool which features some very exotic blond chimps and some clever honey collection with tools from a central chimp population
A blond chimp! get involved in chimp matching at GreenToadstool to find her again!

So what have we found?
At Xenon Bloom we named an incredible 92 chimps and found 4 unique chimps for a total of 96 at least, at this site!

At Soaring Leaf we named 21 chimps and found 8 unique for a total of at east 29 chimps at that site :)

We saw a lot of stone throwing and the incredible night time displays of multiple chimps

The three most often seen and recognized chimps (thanks to their unique features) even inspired an epic ballad by TheWeez15/Zaneb aka Sev : Our Leopard-Muzzled Grock


A big thank you and big pant hoots always to our awesome mod team especially Heike/HeikeW and Zuzi/yshish who are a massive support during these busy times! and as well to our tech support hero Colleen/sassydumbledore, you are THE BEST!

We are looking for new chimp matchers, check out THIS POST and sign up for the team calls :)

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