Thursday, January 14, 2021

Best of 2020 Poll - Vote now!

Reposted from the Chimp&See Talk discussion by Anja Landsmann (AnLand)

 Hi everybody!

Thanks again for your nominations for our Best of 2020! I had lots of fun watching and preparing the videos for the final poll of the Best-of videos! Now it’s time to vote for the Very Best of the Best!

Here is the poll:

Please choose your favorite video in each of the five categories and submit the choices. The videos are uploaded to youtube and can be watched directly in the survey document or on our youtube channel:

The poll ends on January 20th (next Wednesday) and we will post the results – the winner and a runner’s up for each category here and on our blog afterwards.

Thanks for having you here and helping enthusiastically with our project,

The Chimp&See team

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