Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Happy Earth Day and 5th Anniversary of Chimp&See - Part 1

Thor assisting with Chimp&See classifications
To celebrate we would love to see photos of you, your pets, your family, or whoever you're locked up with participating at chimp&see (or even just your workstation on its own)! Post them on Talk, twitter or facebook 😃

Later today we will also post a very special blog post by @AnLand!

A big thank you to our current incredible moderators @yshish , @Boleyn , @HeikeW @AnLand and LauraKLynn (and our previous moderators @Quia, @ksigler, @jwidness ) and our science moderator @NuriaM who has been holding down the fort with chimp matching this last year!!

Also a huge thank you to our other science mods and translators who have helped make Chimp&See what it is today!: @PauDG @akalan @asgoffe @maureenmccarthy @vittoriaestienne @Pinkynz2 @coryphella @Selini11 @Yi-Chiao @Laura_Hag @BenjaminDeb @Buzharevski

The biggest thank you goes out to @SassyDumbledore herself, who created the newest incarnation of Chimp&See and who does ALL the behind the scenes heavy lifting here. She is amazing and I can never thank her enough for all she does to make things run smoothly!

A giant panthoot to The Zooniverse as well for hosting us and helping us with Chimp&See!

Finally, Thanks to YOU for being part of this amazing community and spending your time with us at ChimpandSee.org!

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