Monday, October 22, 2018

Chimp&See will soon be paused till 2019 but chimp matching will still continue on Talk!

Hi everyone!

We have been revamping the chimp&see site to move to the new Zooniverse platform and make a lot of improvements along the way

We are working on making some of the workflows more fun, easier and more tailored to what people like to do :) and best of all, we'll be adding versions of the site in more languages!

While we go through this process we've decided to pause videos going up on [after this current set is done] but there will still be lots of discussions going on, on to do chimp matching and chimp naming! Our amazing mods have been incredible in committing to finishing up all the pending chimpIDs so we can move forward with a clean slate and no more back log!

We will need your opinions on chimp matching and look forward to having you around Talk during the main platform pause!

New to chimp matching? check out this awesome how to video and then get started here:

and check out this amazing chimp identification guide and quiz from BBCOne:

and if chimp matching isn't your thing - we hope to see you back in January for a big new set of videos to annotate!

Thank you so much for your contribution so far and looking forward to working together with you in the future!

Pant hoots to you all!

~The PanAf and ChimpandSee team

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