Friday, October 13, 2017

New Chimp Matching Video Tutorial

As you know, the Chimp and See project includes several different activities: classifying all video clips, tagging of specific species and behaviors, and matching of individual chimps (and in the last year, leopards).  One of the comments we often hear from our newer volunteers is that they have trouble telling one chimp from another.  It does take practice, but to help speed up the learning process, the moderator team at Chimp and See would like to announce a new video tutorial!

In, "How to Recognize Chimpanzee Faces," you'll learn a step-by-step technique that shows you what to look for and how to compare individuals to find a match.  It's loosely based on a concept used by sketch artists and facial recognition software, and is simple enough for anyone to follow and put to use.  We'd love to have more of you join us in chimp matching, so if you don't have the hang of it yet, or have been hesitant to try, take a look at the new tutorial:

(14 mins., English)

When you're ready, you can practice what you've learned with the chimps on our newest site, Green Snowflake!  See you there!

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