Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thank You!!!

From the absolute bottom of our hearts the PanAf science team wants to thank you guys for making this 2nd Anniversary at Chimp&See so special!

We started this project hoping that the videos we've been recording since 2010 would capture some minds and hearts but we never knew how amazing of a community we would be fortunate enough to build as well.

We are of course excited for the science, for all the analyses we're gonna be able to do thanks to YOU guys! But we are equally excited about getting people involved and excited about conservation and animal behaviour. We hope this window into chimpanzee habitats, that will be taking us to 14 different African nations by the time we are done, shines a strong and bright light on how important it is to protect these areas :)

A massive thank you to everyone who has been involved in classifications for the past 2 years and if you haven't been to Talk yet, please come and visit!!! Lurk for a while and then join in the conversation :) You can get involved in chimp matching, tagging camera reactions, discussing your favourite videos or anything to do with science, behaviour, conservation, or anything at all really! The Chimp&See Talk community is really my favourite place to go everyday - catch up on the "meet our citizen scientists" series if you missed it last week :)

We want to specifically thank our moderators again for all they do and for staying so motivated and engaged and dealing with the science team's noobiness when it comes to all of this. Especially to Anja and Kris who organized all of this year's Anniversary activities! Pant hoots and warmest thanks to: Kris, Anja, Jane, Zuzi & Briana!

We also want to give a massive thank you to the citizen scientists who contributed to this year's "Meet our volunteers" stories. It really touched us deeply that you shared your stories with us and that you feel as passionate about conservation as we do! Let us know if you ever want to volunteer in the field ;)  Pant hoots and warmest thanks to: Boleyn, Snorticus, Batfan,Vestigial, LauraKLynn, Paleosue, Squish5 and Zoogirl1 

To celebrate, I sign off with my favourite video that still makes me smile, an early one but a good one - #duikerfail

Mimi & the Science Team

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