Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chimp&See: Bats and rodents

Did you know that together bats and rodents make up over half of all mammal species?  Not only that, but both groups can be found on all continents except for Antarctica, and in many different kinds of habitats.  But it's ok if bats and rodents aren't your favorite animals at Chimp&See, because they actually appear in only a small portion of all the camera trap videos.  Rodents are hard to catch on camera because many species are small and don't like to be out in the open.  Bats are tough because they fly so quickly that they're usually gone before the camera has a chance to record them. In fact, many of our videos with bats are actually triggered by another animal!  

Here are a couple of fun videos found by Corcaroli and DataDroid, each showing both a bat and a rodent.

Original videos: ACP000erzkACP0003wwl

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