Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Countdown Day 4: Mystery Monster

My tongue is as long as my body 
and I have a toothless grin
I'm totally covered in armour
so lions can't bite through my "skin"

I walk on 2 legs like a T-rex
and my front feet are powerfully clawed
When threatened I fart out some stink juice
and roll myself into a ball

My diet's entirely insects
and my saliva is extra sticky
my stomach is lined with spines
I eat rocks so digestion's less tricky

I'm the world's most hunted animal
and that's the real Halloween scare
Can you guess who I am from these clues?
Go ahead, scroll below, if you dare!

original video:

I'm a pangolin!

original video:

We have incredible giant pangolin and tree pangolin video collections and Chimp&See! And we are very fortunate to be collaborating with the IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group to help determine the range and conservation status of these fascinating species. For more information on how amazing and unique pangolins are and how you can help them, check out:

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