Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Nominate Your Favorites for the Best of 2015!

We've had a great year at Chimp & See, thanks to you, and along the way, you've discovered some really amazing things caught on the camera traps. We thought it would be fun to look back over the great footage from this year and share some of the best! Who was your favorite chimp? Was there a clip that made you LOL or say "eww," or that was totally unexpected? What were the best and most memorable clips of 2015? Share your favorites, and then we'll vote!

We want to see the best clips in the following categories:

  • Favorite chimp
  • Funniest clip
  • Best camera reaction
  • Creepiest clip
  • Cutest clip
  • Biggest surprise

To nominate your favorites, just post a reply to that includes the clip ID (e.g., ACP0001234) and the category for each nomination. The thread will stay open for 2 weeks so you have time to find your favorites, and if you have trouble narrowing it down, it's okay to nominate more than one clip for a category. Then, we'll collect all the nominations, and you can vote on your favorites for all of 2015.

If you have a clip in mind but can't find it, or you want some ideas, here are some places to look:

Your profile -- scroll down to see your favorites or any collections you made
The master list of chimps
The DailyZoo nominations
Other keyword collections -- browse under the behavior tags (like selfie, surprise, camera reaction, playing, etc.) or by species

Sound like fun? Let's get started! We look forward to seeing your favorites. :-D

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