Sunday, October 18, 2015

1.5 million classifications: Thank you all!

(written by chimp&see moderators jwidness and AnLand)

Chimp and See just hit the amazing 1.5 million classification milestone, and it's thanks to the wonderful work of all of our citizen scientists that we've come so far!  

A big thank you to all our volunteers for their effort and interest!

We're currently working through our first site with footage from savanna habitats and we're seeing many new and interesting animals including a jackal feasting on flying termites, and a couple of individually identifiable warthogs (each with a broken tusk).  (jackal eating termites) (Buster the warthog) (Leroy the warthog)

This little guy and his/her mom are our latest chimpanzee matching success and waiting for their names.

Come join us at and help us discover what else is out there!

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