Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Welcome back to Quiet Wood :)

After getting lots of experience in matching chimps from camera traps and gathering a dedicated crowd of very skilled citizen scientists, we decided to take a small step back to look again into unsolved matching proposals and chimps without any match at all from earlier sites.

Starting this Thursday is Quiet Wood, a site in Central Africa. As the classification of thousands of videos is already done, all participants can concentrate on the almost 200 chimp videos found, enjoy watching them again and find some new matches.

Here is how it works: we collected all chimp video IDs (partly with additional information) in an open spreadsheet. You can start the videos directly from the weblinks provided there. A list of Known and Prospective Chimps and several older discussions help with orientation if you are new to this site. If you would like to propose a match or discuss anything related to the videos you can open a new discussion in the respective science forum or add to an existing discussion here.

Come over to Quiet Wood and have a look!

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