Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Story from @zoogirl1!

To help celebrate Chimp and See's 2nd anniversary, we asked our volunteers to share their personal stories, memories, and anniversary wishes for the blog. Today's volunteer story is from @zoogirl1:

On Chimp and See, you know me as zoogirl1.  My real name is Caryn Bunshaft.

I'd like to say... Hi, my name is Caryn.

I picked zoogirl1 for a screen name because I would prefer to be with an animal over a human most of the time.

I would travel to every place on earth to see the animals living in the wild and I am doing a good job at that. When I don't travel, I volunteer at the Bronx Zoo with the aquatic birds (yes, I play with penguins on a regular basis) because they won't take a volunteer in the mammal department. I volunteer at a wildlife rehab center which is mostly for birds of prey. (I know, more birds). But I get to handle falcons, hawks and owls. Not bad.

They have many of the animals we see here in the Congo area of the zoo. I have gone specifically to see the duikers since we have seen so many of them. The duikers are soooooo small, they can't always find them in the exhibit.

Somehow through my husbands connections, I was introduced to this wonderful program. I have been glued to this thing for two years now. It is one of the few ways I can see wild things in their habitat and help them at the same time. I learn so much from the discussions.

The first time I was offered to name a chimp I was thrilled. Since then, I have named a few more chimps, a badger and a leopard. How cool is that?

Every now an then, the other projects on zooniverse call my name for a quick blast to help finish something and I willingly participate but always come right back here.

Thanks, Caryn, and all our volunteers for making C&S such a special project!  This wraps up the Volunteer Story series in honor of our 2nd anniversary.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a message from Mimi!

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