Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Story from @squish5!

To help celebrate Chimp and See's 2nd anniversary, we asked our volunteers to share their personal stories, memories, and anniversary wishes for the blog. Today's volunteer story is from @squish5:

On Chimp and See, you know me as squish5.  My real name is Mick Ruby.

I'd like to say...

  • I volunteer at Chimp and See because ... It's a great opportunity to assist even a little with this project. Really enjoying it and as I learn more it becomes more interesting. I spend a lot of time laid up due to a back injury so this is perfect for keeping me busy :)
  • Something I never expected to learn from Chimp and See is... The difference in personalities of the chimps, like Marlyn's playfulness or Carouso's eating habits. You do get to know them after a while, even if very slowly.
  • The best thing about being a part of Chimp and See is... Being able to communicate with the scientists directly, who are very helpful by the way. And also how knowledgeable the volunteers are.
  • My favorite Chimp and See memory so far is... I was only a member for a short time when I came across a clip of a leopard jumping. The sheer power and grace was awesome, so of course I thought i would see a clip like that every week......... Not so much :(
Thanks for the opportunity and all the help/patience. Looking forward to plenty more sites in the future so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Thanks, Mick, and all our volunteers for making C&S such a special project! See you tomorrow for the last installment of our special Volunteer Story series!  (Mick left out some details about a dangerous car chase and thrilling explosions.  Maybe next time?)

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