Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Story from @Snorticus!

To help celebrate Chimp and See's 2nd anniversary, we asked our volunteers to share their personal stories, memories, and anniversary wishes for the blog. Today's volunteer story is from @Snorticus:

On Chimp and See, you know me as Snorticus.  My real name is Dawna.

I'd like to say... You never know what you will see in the animal clips. Some days it's a shared adventure with other volunteers, moderators & the scientists too. The Saturday we started the lengthy light hearted discussion & research as to the fact or fiction of a three-nippled guinea baboon (who was later named Maxine) was rather fun. Several of us were online classifying around the world that day (Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Germany, America) and everyone joined in the discussion. Some held that it was a just a clinging leaf & some presented good support for the 3 nipple theory.

Here is a link to that amusing & educational thread:

Thanks, Dawna, and all our volunteers for making C&S such a special project! See you tomorrow for another story!

(If you would like to submit your own, there's still time! Just submit this form by Wednesday, 4/26.)

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