Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Chimp&See in the Süddeutsche Zeitung

Our amazing scimod Nuria's kids, Laura and Nora, were interviewed  about chimpandsee.org ! Thanks girls for taking the time to talk about your time with us and to Süddeutsche Zeitung for featuring our project 🙂

(English translation:

"We support the project Chimp&See. For this you have to watch videos from African forests on a website. They come from cameras that react to movements. They make so many videos that the researchers can't analyze everything on their own. The cameras are already triggered when a branch shakes or a bird flies across the frame. On many videos, nothing can be seen, but sometimes you can see chimpanzees. Then you have to describe how many animals can be seen and what they are doing. Baby chimpanzees are especially cute. Or when you can watch an ape cracking a nut or using a stone as a tool." )

Full article HERE

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