Monday, January 9, 2017

The Best of Chimp & See 2016

Thank you to everyone for a fun and successful Best of 2016 event! There were some really entertaining clips this past year, and I hope you enjoyed the chance to revisit them. Now, which ones did you think were the best? Here are the results from the voting!

Favorite chimp:

Winner: 🏆 Kamala 🏆 | Runners Up: Vili and DBInf04

Funniest clip:

Winner: 🏆 Off to school 🏆 | Runners Up: Jonah needs a hug and Still learning the jungle gym

Best camera reaction:

Winner:  🏆 Maryln tries to figure things out 🏆 | Runners Up (tie): Here, get my best side and Mom and baby get a close look

Creepiest clip:

Winner:  🏆 Galagos shrieking in the night 🏆 | Runners Up: The floating head and Ant swarm

Cutest clip:

Winner: 🏆 Off to school 🏆 | Runners Up: Etta and baby playtime and Jonah needs a hug

Biggest surprise:

Winner: 🏆 Jackal's daytime close-up 🏆 | Runners Up: Filou, a male with a maternal instinct and Bespeckled chimp selfie

There we go -- the Best of Chimp & See 2016! Thank you again to those that nominated and voted during the event. Also, a very big thank you to all the volunteers who, one clip at a time, have brought us this far and will carry us on through an undoubtedly exciting 2017!

See you back at Chimp & See!

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