Saturday, January 9, 2016

Best of Chimp & See 2015!

Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in our Best of 2015 event! I hope you enjoyed the chance to reminisce over our best finds, and maybe enjoy some you had missed before. But now you want to know the results, right? Without further delay.... (insert drumroll here)...

The Best of Chimp & See 2015:

Favorite chimp:

Winner:  🏆 MFInf20 🏆| Runners Up: Sugar and Abile

Funniest clip:

Winner:  🏆 Duiker log fail 🏆| Runners Up: Diana monkey playtime and Field team dancer

Best camera reaction:

Winner:  🏆 Leopard attack 🏆| Runners Up: Baboon camera adjustment and Chimp goes knock knock

Creepiest clip:

Winner:  🏆 Snake stands up 🏆 | Runners Up: Spider dangles in front of camera and Hypnotic cobra

Cutest clip:

Winner (tie): 🏆  Mom, Dad, and a porcupette and Young mangabey opens wide 🏆 | Runner Up: A kiss from Mom

Biggest surprise:

Winner: 🏆 Elephant excitement 🏆| Runners Up: Dodge's drumming display and Our first lions

And that's it! Thank you again, and now it's time to get back out there and see what amazing chimps, funny behaviors, or surprising scenes you can discover. The hunt for the Best of Chimp & See 2016 is just 11 months away! ;-)

See you over at Chimp & See!

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